What do you need?
  • Must be 21 years or older to operate a loaner vehicle due to insurance regulations.
  • Valid drivers License
  • Credit Card
  • Valid Insurance Verification or Declaration of Insurance** - Proof of insurance will not be needed.
**Progressive Insurance does NOT cover any loaner vehicle.**

What are the rules and regulations?
  • No smoking. There will be a $150.00 cleaning fee
  • No excessive pet hair, no excessive beach sand, no stains on seats. By doing so, this will result in a $150.00 detailing fee.
  • Removing Mercedes-Benz trackers in the vehicles and/or removing the loaner stickers on the vehicle will result in a $200 inconvenience fee.
  • You must return the vehicle with a gas level at whatever you first received it at. If not, the customer will be charged $7.95 a gallon. 
  • ALL loaner vehicles are equipped with transponders, therefore, ALL toll charges will be billed automatically to the customer that is in the vehicle at the time with their credit card that is on file.