Radar Detectors for Sale in Orlando, FL

Mercedes-Benz Radar Detectors

Not sure where to buy a radar detector in Orlando, FL? Come to Mercedes-Benz of South Orlando! Our Mercedes-Benz dealership in Orlando, FL, has partnered with K40™ Electronics and now has K40 radars for sale. K40™ Electronics has engineered top-of-the-line laser jammers since 1981 and offers the world's first ticket-free guarantee. If you get a ticket within the first year of buying a K40 radar from our Orlando Mercedes-Benz dealer, K40™ Electronics will reimburse you. You only need to send them a copy of your radar or laser speeding ticket, proof of payment of the ticket and the receipt of your K40 laser jammer purchase.

If that isn't impressive enough, every Laser Defuser g5 and Laser Defuser Optix for sale at our Florida Mercedes-Benz dealership comes backed by the most comprehensive guarantees in the industry. These K40 radar detector guarantees include:

  • A 100% Performance Guarantee - you can return your radar detector to us within 30 days of your receipt if it doesn't outperform previous laser jammers you've owned.
  • A 100% One-Year Quality Guarantee - we'll repair or replace your K40 radar for up to one year after its purchase date.
  • A 100% Theft Guarantee - we'll replace your K40 laser jammer if it is ever stolen
Mercedes-Benz K40 Electronics

Contact Mercedes-Benz of South Orlando to learn more about our partnership with K40™ Electronics and to buy a new K40 radar jammer in Orlando, FL!

Mercedes-Benz K40 Electronics