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Welcome to the Mercedes-Benz Parts Store in Orlando, FL.

You've made an intelligent, long-term investment in the quality of Mercedes-Benz. It's an investment in the daily satisfaction of driving a Mercedes-Benz GLE or a C-Class model, but it's also an investment in Mercedes-Benz reliability. One of the best ways to sustain that reliability is by insisting on genuine Mercedes-Benz replacement parts available at Mercedes-Benz of South Orlando in Orlando, FL.

5 Reasons to Invest in Genuine Mercedes Parts

Reason #1: It's the same quality your Mercedes-Benz was built with

When you use genuine Mercedes-Benz parts from our parts center in South Orlando, you're getting the same OEM parts used at the factory to build your Mercedes-Benz in the first place. It's the same quality, the same specs, the same fit. When that part is installed by our factory-trained service specialists, you're maintaining that same, original Mercedes-Benz quality as you drive around FL Clermont or  Winter Garden, FL.

Reason #2: Generic parts are made to fit a lot of cars, not your car

Actually we should say generic parts "sort of" fit a lot of cars, but no car precisely. The specifications in a generic part can't be the same as a Mercedes-Benz part because the manufacturers didn't have your car in mind. Their goal is to "come close" on as many cars as possible. That means the part doesn't really fit any car the way it should - especially a precision-engineered vehicle like a Mercedes-Benz. The difference in quality is significant.   

Reason #3: Generic parts can be cheaper at first, but expensive later on

When a replacement part doesn't fit your Mercedes-Benz the way it should, it won't function the way it should. In fact, it can wear out prematurely because it doesn't operate the way the original part was designed to do. That might  easily result in another repair and replacement, and it might also cause other connected parts to malfunction or wear out early. The real repair cost might be way more than you saved in the first place.

Reason #4: Generic parts are cheaper because they don't have OEM quality

Quality can sound like a somewhat amorphous word until you see the difference the quality of a Mercedes-Benz OEM part can make. For Mercedes-Benz, the word "quality" means the part is built with better materials, engineered to a higher standard so it will last longer and give you greater reliability throughout its life. That, of course, saves you money on repairs. Quality also helps your Mercedes-Benz run the way it was designed.

Reason #5: Mercedes-Benz parts come with a warranty

For most Genuine Mercedes-Benz parts, you're covered by a Mercedes-Benz Limited Warranty for 24 months and unlimited mileage. For transmissions, the Mercedes-Benz warranty is 24 months or 24,000 miles, whichever occurs first, and for engines, your coverage is 48 months or 48,000 miles, whichever occurs first. Labor for replacement is included. Many generic parts have no warranty, and if they do, you pay for replacement. 

You've invested in a genuine Mercedes-Benz: Now invest in Genuine Mercedes-Benz parts

Your Mercedes-Benz sedan or SUV is designed and engineered at standards that are among the world's highest. Using aftermarket imitation parts will not only lower those standards but could invalidate parts of your Mercedes-Benz vehicle warranty. For Mercedes-Benz owners in nearby communities like St. Cloud, FL, it's simply not worth the small savings when you consider the potential downsides.

Sustain the Mercedes-Benz quality you believe in by having your vehicle repaired at our dealership where we use only Genuine Mercedes-Benz parts. When you want individual parts directly from our dealership, use our online parts store on this page or visit our parts center in person. Mercedes-Benz insists on the highest quality, so we encourage you to insist on Genuine Mercedes-Benz parts from Mercedes-Benz of South Orlando.