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Deciding how to finance your next vehicle is almost as important as deciding which vehicle is right for you. Thanks to the experts at Mercedes-Benz of South Orlando, we offer a wide array of solutions to choose from. However, the most common question we get asked at our Orlando, Florida Mercedes-Benz dealership is "Should I lease or finance my next vehicle?". Both options are great, but they are designed for different drivers in mind. Learn more about the difference between these two financing solutions, then contact our auto finance center to get personalized advice on whether you should lease or finance your next vehicle with us!

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Benefits of Leasing vs Buying a Mercedes-Benz from our Orlando, FL Mercedes-Benz Dealership

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Should I Buy or Lease?
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If you love the idea of ownership, then financing is the only way to go. You can pay for the whole car's worth ahead of time or take out an auto loan. If you choose to take out a loan, you're working towards ownership until you pay off the loan. Ownership allows you to retain the value of your car, so if you choose to sell it at a later date, you get to keep whatever you sell it for. Another perk of ownership is the ability to customize and personalize your vehicle. Whether you're itching for a custom paint job or want to outfit your vehicle with the latest performance parts, you aren't restricted by any contract. Financing is also best for those that drive more than 12,000 miles annually. Leases come with a mileage limit, so financing is a great option for those with a far commute or those looking to take a long road trip. While the payments might be higher than a lease, you're working towards ownership. An auto loan also allows you to get work done outside of a certified repair shop. If you love working on vehicles yourself, this is definitely an easier option for you. So whether you plan on driving a lot, personalizing your vehicle, or sticking with your car for a few years, Mercedes-Benz financing might be the best approach. Speak to an expert about our current auto financing options.



If you prefer to have flexibility in your next vehicle, we suggest leasing your next vehicle. Leases typically last for a few years, allowing you to turn the keys and walk away, explore financing options for that particular model, or browse lease options on newer models. Plus, leases can allow you to experience a few of your favorite vehicles without settling down with just one model. You can switch to a different vehicle easily, due to a quick and convenient trade-in process. Hate reselling your vehicle? With a lease, you can leave that process to us while you simply enjoy your drives. You can also expect a smaller down payment and lower monthly payments than an auto loan since you're not investing towards ownership. This gives you the flexibility to choose a more expensive model or take more road trips! Since you're not working towards ownership, the dealership still owns the vehicle, limiting your customization and enhancement options. You'll also have to lock down a mileage limit and if you exceed it, expect to pay additional costs for breaking your lease. Keep in mind that leases are contracts, so if you need to terminate your lease early or go over your mileage limit, you will have additional costs. One other perk about leasing is the limited repair work needed. Most of the repairs will be covered under the warranty, reducing your chance of unexpected and costly repairs. However, you will need to get maintenance and repairs done at a location that honors the warranty. Learn more about our local Mercedes-Benz lease options in Orlando, FL today!

Choose the Right Mercedes-Benz Financing Option for You

Drive over 15,000 miles? Want to own your car? Eager to customize your vehicle? We suggest applying for financing! Prefer more flexibility with smaller monthly payments, easier trade-in options, and a lower chance of costly repairs? The experts at Mercedes-Benz of South Orlando suggest leasing your next vehicle. If you fall somewhere in the middle, our experts are happy to review your goals and lifestyles to help you decide which option makes more sense for your needs. Whether you're from Orlando, Kissimmee, or Winter Garden, FL, we are dedicated to making your financing experience a breeze. Get a heads start online with our value your trade-in tool and auto payment estimator. Then, give us a call to learn about our current Mercedes-Benz lease specials and financing offers!

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